[meepo] ENWorld is hosed for a few days

  • From: Albright@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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  • Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 07:27:24 -0400

and by hosed, I mean totally fucked.  To wit (from Adlon of Mortality):

"Ok, here's the latest, and not so greatest. 

Our upstream provider, who told us he was having serious equipment failure,
is actually closing up shop, and blowing town. Belly up. Done. 

So, what does this mean? 

Well, Cyberstreet has set in motion a new upstream provider, who will be
running fiber into the Cyberstreet building. This fiber is expected by the
weekend, I'm told. We'll know more tomorrow. 

As I can seemingly use racy language here 

I gotta say, this has totally pissed me off. Not from Cyberstreet's end, as
they are hosed as well, but from this asshole who essentially screwed
Cyberstreet, ENWorld, and Mortality. 

So, I'll keep you all informed in this thread. If this thread gets too
large, I'll ask for a new sticky on a fresh thread as I get information. 

Sorry, Russ. I know ENWorld is your bread and butter. Now, at least for the
next few days, it's dry rye, and I'll sit right next to you, and eat said
dry rye with you. 

More info to come as I get it."


Dru Albright
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