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I just got finished going through the Macromedia Flash presentation =
where they demo the rules.  It is actually pretty informative and funny.


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Yeah, the idea behind Chainmail was sound..it was only the execution
sales-wise, that was flawed.  They made two critical mistakes that cost =
dearly: cost and scale.  If they had reduced both, Chainmail might have =
much, much bigger.

I believe I've kept all of the mini cards, so I'd be glad to give it a =
I read through the rules a while back when I got the starter packs, and =
pretty easy, if you know D&D 3e.  d20 for dummies is pretty =
just add a few things like ZoCs and so forth, but nothing too =

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> You know:  I have always been interested in playing a=20
> miniature warfare =3D
> game that was quick and easy to pick up.  Warhammer was out of the =3D
> question because of the massive investment required in=20
> miniatures for =3D
> both sides.  Lord of the Rings was all right but still did=20
> not do it for =3D
> me.  I came to the realization last night that I have enough=20
> Chainmail =3D
> miniatures painted for a small to large sized army game so I=20
> decided to =3D
> page through the rule book.  It is actually pretty darn=20
> simple, sort of =3D
> 3E for Dummies.  Everything is centered around D20 resolution with =3D
> combat massivelt streamlined to make it go speedier.  I am=20
> looking at =3D
> their website and they have a lot of extra nice stuff such as =3D
> downloadable terrains and 3d models (I believe one of you=20
> pointed these =3D
> out earlier) that we could use in the 3E games.
> Next game night we have I would like to try it out. =3D20
> Edward F. Rishel
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