[meepo] Re: Bolo's Evolution?

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Well, the best part of 3.5 is that it comes at an excellent point for
introduction into the game, namely the transition to epic.  It potentially
dovetails with what's going on in the game rather handily, all things
considered.  Ultimately, a lot of the questions that will be raised are
going to be based on what direction the campaign goes.  I'm still mulling
over how I'm going to handle Epic itself, regardless.

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> > progressing any further in VL as it has no really aplicible 
> benefits 
> > in Epic levels. and with the Druid Re-write (I'm hoping we 
> will allow 
> > the 3.5 rules for
> > Bolo) he will be able to wild shape into plants. so there 
> is no benefits at all
> That raises another good point. We're still in wait-and-see 
> mode on 3.5 for the alpha game. You might want to line out 
> some possibilities but not make any decisions until we get a 
> look at 3.5 and decide how the alpha will go. On one hand 
> it's a lot to retcon in, and on the other since it's our 
> powerful game, we need it most.
> T.

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