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Uhhh.... My hat has a cow on it.


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From =

(I saw something like it buried in a thread on enworld as well...the =
comes from Dungeon 100)

Magic bows and arrows don't stack for damage (unless this is an error).

Check out the FTR/Sor/Arc Archer in "The Lich Queen's Beloved"

Attack +23 with +1 comp (+3 Str) longbow & +4 arrow:

+15 BAB
+3 Dex
+1 Weapon Focus
+1 bow
+4 arrow (I get +24, but if only the best magic bonus applies to attack=20
and damage, +23 is right.)

But damage 1d8+7:
+3 Comp longbow
+4 arrow

Good change, that -- only the arrow's magic applies for damage (or the=20
higher of the two, don't know which).

Edit -- Looking at another archer's stats, I'd guess only the higher of=20
the two bonuses apply for damage (they overlap, don't stack). Correct?

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