[meego-fi] Re: meegonetwork.fi expiring on Dec 2011

  • From: Matti Saastamoinen <matti.saastamoinen@xxxxxxx>
  • To: <meego-network-fi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 14:57:26 +0300

One year costs about 42 eur with nameservices. It could be possible for COSS/Hermia to sponsor this, need to check this.

The rest of the year we can just redirect the traffic from meegonetwork.fi so people won't get lost.


On 06.10.2011 14:41, Carol Chen wrote:
If it's ok to continue the subscription for another year, I think we
should. We probably won't need the whole year but I agree we need a
little more time for the transition and to move over completely. What is
the cost? Perhaps Devaamo could cover it.
On Thu, Oct 6, 2011 at 2:13 PM, Matti Saastamoinen
<matti.saastamoinen@xxxxxxx <mailto:matti.saastamoinen@xxxxxxx>> wrote:


    meegonetwork.fi <http://meegonetwork.fi> domain is currently owned
    by Hermia Ltd. It will expire on December 2011 and we should make a
    decission what to do with it.

    I'd suggest that we fade meegonetwork.fi <http://meegonetwork.fi>
    away and focus on building Devaamo ry's website and under that
    Mer/Tizen, other FOSS activities, whatever we want.

    In any case, we proably need more time, because before December we
    should 1) build Devaamo website, 2) market it, 3) tell people that
    meegonetwork.fi <http://meegonetwork.fi> will be shut down and use
    devaamo website instead, 4) let people who use meegonetwork.fi
    <http://meegonetwork.fi> e-mail addresses to prepare the transfer.

    So should we continue meegonetwork.fi <http://meegonetwork.fi>
    subscription for one year or drop it on Dec?

    COSS / Hermia Ltd

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