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  • From: Jarkko Moilanen <Jarkko.Moilanen@xxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2011 22:25:12 +0300


Quoting Ville Jyrkkä <vjyrkka@xxxxxxxxx>:

In my opinion having a test system won't hurt anybody if you are keen to do this. When there's a test system up, we can compare whether we want to move Plone or not.

This sounds like a good plan to my ear too. Let me know if you need some more info about functionality 'requirements' or something.



On 26.08.2011 20:10, w.p.w wrote:
Plone is fast and modern (and we are currently working on Plone 5, even faster and with a new grid / Deco system and UI) being Python does indeed help :) I really can't see anything that would take more then a couple of days to move over except the theme (I guess Im missing something) and projects like LDP etc and feeds, blogs, news, events are pretty much OOTB or available with a quick addon.

What do people think of me setting up a test system next week with some of the current content on (I can just copy and paste) and of course people can also mention anything else they would like to see the site do in terms of functionality so I can add it in.

I will then send around user (and to some I assume admin) passwords if people supply me with a request for one and a encryption key, I guess then it just comes down to if people want to make the move over which would take a few days after the theme is ready and can be after people have had access to a test portal.

Also Plone 4.1 is very much Mobile compatible :)



On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 7:31 PM, Ville Jyrkkä <vjyrkka@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:vjyrkka@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

   Sounds interesting! I would like to learn Plone as well. It seems
   fast and modern system.

   -jykae (Python lover)

   On 26.08.2011 17 <tel:26.08.2011%2017>:52, Wyn Williams wrote:
   I can certainly arrange that and a test system for members to
   practise on, also using Transmogrifier
   <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/collective.transmogrifier/> we can
   also after setting up a new instance 8and asuming people wish to
   go ahead with it) and when I have gone over any new content types
   to make import all the old content straight to Plone.
   I will put together some examples and members can also get
   information from http://plone.org  and see some of type of sites
   that use Plone here http://plone.org/support/sites /me PloneFanboy



   On Fri, 2011-08-26 <tel:2011-08-26> at 16:55 +0300, Carol Chen wrote:
   I might finally have some time next month to take a look at
   these stuff as well. Maybe Wyn can conduct a crash course on
   Plone for some of our members? :)

   Btw, I've set up a temporary information depot on my blog:


   Carol Chen
cybette@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:cybette@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Community Manager, MeeGo Network Finland (MNFI)
   Organizer, Tampere MeeGo Network (TMN)
   Local Device Program (LDP) Manager

   On Thu, Aug 25, 2011 at 10:27 AM, Wyn Williams <heywyn@xxxxxxxxx
   <mailto:heywyn@xxxxxxxxx>> wrote:         Hello all
Although very much a newbie (though I follow with interest) and also being in the wrong place (almost exactly in between
       Helsinki and Tampere)  I have some knowledge of LDAP  and
       also of Drupal so am happy to have a look over it and see
       what needs fixing.
       Of course If things are scaling up it could be better to
       change for a more advanced and easier to use / extend system
       like Plone 4 which I can arrange free hosting for and also
       supports LDAP etc and is better at the whole CMS thing
       overall (disclaimer: I am a Plone expert and foundation
       member)  I am in Helsinki a few times a month including next


Wyn Williams On Thu, 2011-08-25 <tel:2011-08-25> at 10:16 +0300, Jarkko
       Moilanen wrote:

       It seems that MNFI has really started to roll during the
       past weeks. LDP is one of the main reasons for sudden burst
       in activity and amount of new members. The latest addition
       to LDP is that Helsinki has started a new node. Currently
       there are two nodes: Tampere and Helsinki. Plans to get one
       in Oulu are still under work. This is great! However, such
       success also means that our services (such as maintaining
       and developing LDP stuff) need more help. So far there has
       been only a few people working with different services and
       I have been one of them. Unfortunately, I have to
       concentrate on other stuff now and amount of contribution
       will drop dramatically.

       Therefore, I'm asking for new people to get involved in
       multiple areas, out of which LDP is probably the most
       important now. I have managed to setup current LDP
       management routines in Drupal and I admit that it's a mess.
       If there is any possibility that someone more experienced
       with Drupal would take over, I'd be more than happy to give
       some information about what has been done so far. If such
       person(s) could be found, it might be wise to meet in
       person and look through the current implementation (since
       it's a mess). Another thing that I cry help for is the
       Information Depot, which is intended to be a place to add
       links (with descriptions and other meta stuff) to
       presentation material (from our meetups and other events).
       Again, I started the process and created some elements for
       it, but due to limit on time available, I can't go forward
       with it.

       I know there are people who could assist MNFI community in
       this, please step forward :)


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