[meego-network-fi] Community meeting schedules

  • From: Jarkko Moilanen <jarkko.moilanen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: meego-network-fi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2011 20:03:53 +0200


There was some discussion in the last meeting that all do not like having
meetings on Mondays at 20:00. The reasons for that vary. Some suggested
having some sort of varying date. IMO thats not a good idea. Having fixed
and clear days, such as 1st and 3rd Monday, is easier to remember. Besides,
we use the official MeeGo meeting channel, and there are other users too.
Adjusting some kind of rotating date to that schedule might be a bit

Some suggested that the time could be for example 16:00. Some of us work in
other stuff than MeeGo and having a meeting on that hour might not be even
possible to some of us. If the current time (20:00-21:00) overlaps with
someones other hobbies, then it's a question of prioritizing your interests.
Of course we can have the meeting, say on Sunday at 20:00-21:00. Weekends
are all free in the meego-meeting channel.

Let's keep in mind that, no matter which day or hour we choose, it will
never satisfy all. But, please provide suggestions and opinions. We'll try
to find a solution that fits to most of us.

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