[medreform] Differences Between MEDPAR and SAF Inpatient

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MEDPAR contains the inpatient "stay records" for individual patients,
which includes what procedures were undertaken, how much they cost, etc.
The Inpatient SAF records, which is similar to MEDPAR and contains some
overlapping data, contains "claim files." The difference here is that a
medical facility may submit several claims for a single stay or
procedure, for example if its a long stay at a facility. So while the
MEDPAR data would contain a single record detailing all of the
procedures and costs for a patient, the SAF data in some cases would
have several records for that same patient. But the MEDPAR data does not
contain patient IDs while the SAF data does.
What this boils down to, according to the good people at RESDAC, is that
the MEDPAR data is better for comparing medical facilities, but the SAF
data will allow you to do some analysis not possible through MEDPAR,
chiefly you can consider rehospitilization using the SAF data, as it
contain patient IDs.
The Physician carrier file will tell you what the individual physician
billed for. The problem with this data is that the most we can obtain is
5 percent of the total number of records.
I know this doesn't answer all of our questions, but I think it's a


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Thanks, Mike. Brigit thinks we could go to specific healthcare
foundations, such as Kaiser, for money, but that process could be longer
than we'd like. I think the thing we need to stress to everybody is that
this is related to healthcare reform and once reform is passed or
defeated, the data are less in the public interest. I.E. speed is of the


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We should be able to discuss the project using this forum. 

I sent an e-mail to Jeff's contact yesterday asking him: 

1.) How is the MEDPAR data different from the Out Patient SAF data? 
2.) Is the information found in the physician supplier file also found
in the MEDPAR or SAF file? 
I'm going to talk to the Center's FOIA attorney today about how we might
go about getting this data at a reduced cost. 


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