[meditation] A little hello to the inner circle

  • From: Jonathan Arkell <jonnay@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: meditation@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2006 16:42:10 -0700

Welcome to the mailing list!

I thought I would start the ball rolling by telling you where I am at
with development of the framework, and ask for some input on its future

I've been busy organizing the wiki, the documentation in specific.  I
also have some auto-generated API documentation happening.  It however
is far from perfect.

On the guts-of-meditation side of things, I am getting mighty close to a
release.  The last few things on my todo list are:
  - Build a MySQLGatePersistor
  - Add a nonce system to Gate, so its security is improved

There is one big thing in the way, and this is where I would appreciate
your input: specialized HttpExceptions to handle the display of HTTP 4xx
and 5xx status codes.  Right now this is handled by calls to Lily in the
form of:

Lily::getInstance()->notFound("The resource $foo was not found");

However, HttpExceptions, when thrown, would be caught by Lily, which
would display the appropriate status page and details.  For instance,
you could throw a HttpNotFoundException("The resource $foo was not
found") and Lily displays a 404 status code page, with "The resource
$foo was not found" as the status sub-text.

HttpExceptions are flexible, and for some exceptions like
HttpUnAuthorizedException, or HttpServiceUnavailableException, you can
set things like the Retry-After or WWW-Authenticate headers.  This also
opens up the possibility of your application not only throwing the
exceptions, but being able to catch them as well.

The problem is, that for this to work, it would mean that Lily would
need to be the exception handler in set_exception_handler().  Is it
reasonable for meditation to enforce itself as the default exception
handler in set_exception_handler()?  Is it worthwhile, or even desirable
to handle HTTP errors through exceptions, or is it preferable to use the
 Lily::getInstance()->httpError() syntax instead?


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