[mediaaddict] THE GREAT NETSCAPE 6 DILMENA and the Flash Controversy!

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Happy New Years to Everyone!

We are back in business and preparing for a new relaunch within the next few 
weeks for a whole new web site and magazine with expanded streamlined services 
and information.

I got to  holiday in Paris and am staying in New York, working closely with Jay 
and John to finish up the web site.  Had a few drinks recently with Leisure Guy 
over at a Rave in Tribecca.

We're beta testing right now with netscape 6 it's quite a problem child for 
developers, anyone else have any trouble with Flash/Shockwave Plugins with 
Netscape 6.  Any Suggestions would love to hear from all of you.

If you got the Flash 4 Plug-in, let me know. We are developing in Flash 4 for 
backwards compatiability. Will develop the whole site in Flash 4, question do 
you folks need an HTML version of our new magazine or is FLash 4 ok? 

Also, if anyone needs web hosting for a gallery please let me know -- we got 
gallery hosting now for everyone and the space to support it.  It's 20mbs and 
advertising supported and by subscription only.

We also have a new email service in beta testing if you need a fast email you 
can check it out, or contact me and i will set you up with one.

Also preparing an events calender for you folks to post your arts events to the 
global community!

Another question for everyone out there, what do you folks think the Bush 
Administration will mean to the Internet Economony and the arts world  as a 

Anyone got anything they want to announce relating to arts and new media let me 
know and send it here. Lets get this party started  All non-flames will be 

I don't like flames.

Anyone in the NYC got any good parties planned let us, know--John, Jay and 
Leisure Guy are looking for some cool drinking cronies.

Visit my friends at the Nuyorican.com, tell them I sent you (it's not an 
advertisement)--if you are in NYC the Nuyorican always has the most wild Slams!

And yeah, check out &dee varalli grober's new web site, we've been down for so 
long with the zine (7 months of preperations and relaunches) that I keep for 
getting our purpose to keep you folks informed, any way check out Varlli's new 
web site studio exhibition: <http://www.nd-grober.com>www.nd-grober.com. You 
can tell him I sent you.

Oh yeah, we're having NT problems again on our workstation--getting it to 
Network  with our cable modem, the enternet card doesn't seem to be working--NT 
4's a beast and we're hoping toup grade to 2000, any one hear about 2000 

I am grabbing a couple drinks now with some friends from the Times at an 
after-hours club in Soho.



If any one is looking, I am including a couple of job posts:

Job Description
Web Product Manager 

New York, NY

Advanstar Communications is a leading worldwide business information provider, 
publishing 103 publications, producing 101 trade shows and expositions, and 
providing a variety of marketing services to 19 industries. Advanstar.com, the 
Internet initiative, is currently working on over a hundred websites to extend 
our market reach and enhance our technological services. These sites range 
widely in functionality, and we need Web Product Managers to develop these 
sites into Enhanced Magazine and Enhanced Tradeshow Web sites. These Managers 
will also analyze the viability of these sites for more advanced technologies 
including possible marketplace transactional capabilities after they reach 
stage one development. Each Web Product Manager will work closely with the 
publishing, exhibition, marketing, editorial and management ACI team 
specializing on the specific market segment/(s) these sites target. The Web 
Product Manager will liaise with ACI management and the production, development 
and management team of Advanstar.com to enable these sites to reach maximum 
financial performance. The Web Product Manager will develop and implement a 
long-term strategic vision and plan for these specific sites, which includes 
the delivery of information, advertising and registration to Advanstars readers 
and tradeshow exhibitors over the Internet. 

-Product manage the development of the websites, magazines and/or tradeshows, 
to be fully functional and integrated into existing Advanstar systems. -Create 
the specific business model, revenue, growth strategies and long-term business 
plan upon which to mold a cohesive technical strategy for those sites. -Conduct 
competitive analyses of current Internet activity in the market each website 
target -Develop best practices for the development of the magazine and/or 
tradeshow websites -Create and establish new product enhancement procedures to 
best service the customers each website targets -Train the product, marketing 
and sales staffs within Advanstar and Advanstar.com on the use and sale of the 
websites -Provide sales and technical support and develop the infrastructure 
necessary for planned growth of website traffic and business -Align the 
technological and operational needs with financial and marketing goals. 
-Analyze activity on the sites and their possibly impact on the sites business 

2+ yrs experience with Internet projects solving business issues as a project 
manager or marketing specialist 1+ yrs experience marketing experience in the 
high tech world Expertise in the following arenas: Internet directories 
Storefronts E-Commerce Fundamental knowledge of traditional IT functions and 
platforms with ability to identify and evaluate new technological developments 
and gauge their appropriateness for the business Proven ability to understand 
and meet customers needs Strong understanding of the BtoB environment Excellent 
interpersonal skills 


Extensive knowledge of the tradeshow industry and/or tradeshow website 
technologies Extensive knowledge of the publishing industry and/or content 
management technologies 
EEO. Fax: (646)602-7300. E-mail: wpmjobs@xxxxxxxxxx Please include position 
title and salary requirements in Subject Heading of fax and/or e-mail. 
Relocation is available.

ob Description
Install Engineering Manager 

Seattle, WA; Dallas, TX; New York, NY; Mclean, VA

InterNAP Network Services is currently searching for a strong Network Manager 
to join our team as an Install Engineering Manager . Install Engineering 
Managers supervise up to ten mid-level Network Engineers in their quest to 
maintain the highest standard of Quality of Service in the industry. They are 
also responsible for helping their team apply our strict engineering standards 
to our customers' networks in order to integrate them into InterNAP's Private 
Network Access Points (P-NAP's). 

Install Engineering Managers must have the following background in order to be 
sucessful at InterNAP:

*       1 year of managing technical staff in an ISP or WAN operations 
environment (such as a NOC)
*       3 years of service as a Network Engineer or Senior Network Engineer in 
an ISP/WAN environment
*       Strong Unix skills (preferably Linux)
*       1 year of BGP
*       Strong dedication to customer service

InterNAP's connectivity service routes data to and from businesses across the 
Internet in a manner that minimizes data loss by avoiding the Internet's 
conventional traffic exchange process known as "peering." Private and public 
peering arrangements between backbone providers lead not only to congestion at 
peering points, but also to routing inefficiencies, two factors that 
significantly reduce the speed of data transmission across the Internet. 
InterNAP's P-NAP(R) facilities and ASsimilator(R) technology orchestrate the 
routing of mission-critical data in a faster, more reliable, and more managed 
fashion than conventional Internet technology. For more information about 
InterNAP or our other openings, please visit us at http://www.internap.com.

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