[MEBC-Butterfly] Roan Mtn butterfly count report

  • From: Don Holt <dnldhlt@xxxxxxx>
  • To: tn-butterflies@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 23:16:50 -0400 (EDT)

Here are the results of the 2012 Roan Mountain, TN Butterfly Count.

    Totals:   29 spp., 952 individual butterflies.

     While the weather was generally good, the top of the mountain was cloudy 
with occasional drizzle, and no Aphrodite Fritillaries were found there (nor 
any other butterflies).

     Great Spangled Fritillaries were scarce, which seems to be true generally 
in the area this year.

     Hampton Creek Cove produced an above average showing of Viceroys, as well 
as three Harvesters.

     Large numbers of Pipevine Swallowtails were mostly found nectaring on 
Common Milkweed at many locations, but especially at Dave Miller Homestead.

     It was also a good day for Meadow Fritillaries at many locations.

     The Little Yellow was the lone result of an intentional search of 
Partridge Pea patches in native grass plantings in Roan Mtn. State Park.

     The date for next year's (2013) Roan Mtn. Butterfly Count will be July 20.

1. Roan Mountain, TN. Yr. 20, 36.1067°, -82.1105°, center at Carvers Gap, 
Carter Co., TN, and Mitchell Co., NC, at the crossing of TN Hwy. 143 / NC Hwy. 
261 over TN/NC state line. See 1993 report for habitats. 21 July 2012; 
0930-1830 hrs; sun AM 10%, PM 51-75%; 65-79°F; wind 0-10 mi/hr. 8 observers in 
1 party. Total party-hours 8; total party-miles on foot 3. Observers: D. 
Draper, Don Holt (910 Smalling Rd., Johnson City, TN, 37601; dnldhlt@xxxxxxx), 
F. Lamberts, A. Mattes, J. McGuinness, B. Potter, J. Potter, K. Stroud. 
Pipevine Swallowtail 510, E. Tiger Sw. 32, Spicebush Sw. 1, Cabbage White 13, 
Clouded Sulphur 6, Orange Su. 8, Cloudless Su. 2, Little Yellow 1, Harvester 3, 
Gray Hairstreak 3, E. Tailed-Blue 40, 'Summer' Spring Azure 4, Variegated 
Fritillary 13, Gr. Spangled Fr. 5, Meadow Fr. 105, Pearl Crescent 39, E. Comma 
1, Red Admiral 2, Com. Buckeye 1, Viceroy 10, Com. Wood-Nymph 8, Monarch 12, 
Silver-spotted Skipper 76, Clouded Sk. 2, Least Sk. 28, N. Broken-Dash 1, 
Little Glassywing 1, Sachem 14, Dun Sk. 7. Unidentified: Sulphur sp. 4. Total 
29 species, 952 individuals. 

Don Holt, compiler
Johnson City, TN


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