[mdmars_staff] Re: [rgn3_mars] REGION 3 ---- WELL DONE !!

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Personally, I think Tim is way off base.  Using his logic, there was no need 
for activation or deactivation reports (or O-plan).  That said, I plan to give 
Jim an abbreviated AAR that only addresses Line 11 (Problems ...).  That is 
what counts for this "non-event".

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  bmcpherson73@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote: 

    John & Jim,
    There were conflicting messages between yourself and the RD as to whether 
AARs are required. Please clarify. thanks

    Bruce AAT3TW/AAM3IMD

    On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 11:02 PM, John AAR3CK / AAM3MD wrote:

    J Sears wrote: Tim, 
     Please release to all in the region 
      Forgive this not being in the normal 16 line format but my brain is 
pretty much fried. 
    At this point.. the Inauguration of 2009 is history.  With a few exceptions 
it went off pretty much without a hitch.  
      So I would like to take this opportunity to thanks all of the net 
participants and especially the Net Control Stations  AAM3EVA, AAT3QO, AAR3FK, 
AAR3FI, AAR3EY, AAR3CY and AAT3OL for a job well done.  
      A special thanks goes out to AAM3RE and AAM3RT for their excellent help 
and backing during this effort, AAR3EB/T for manning the Soldiers Home in DC 
and being our eyes and ears in the district and AAT3PG for his coordination 
      Additionally,  none of efforts of the above mentioned would have been 
worth much without the help of the operators at MEMA ... AAA9GL/AAR3RF, 
NNN0SIJ, AAM3TMD/AAT3NT, AAM3IMD/AAT3TW, AAR3DL and Jim Fay of the Maryland 
Defense Force.    
    Finally,  a very special thanks goes out to AAM3MD/AAR3CK and 
AAM3AMD/AAT3FG for their tireless efforts in support of this operation and 
putting up with my telephone calls for the last several weeks.  These guys are 
what makes Army MARS work! 
    Jim Sears 

    Hey, Jim - 

    Thanks very much for the kind words.  There's absolutely no doubt that 
everyone involved showed a level of engagement for the project that was superb. 
 Most volunteer  organizations can only wish they had members with a quarter of 
that enthusiasm.  We also know that, all things being equal, there's really no 
way this would have happened without you taking the initiative and kicking 
things into high gear long before it "seemed like a good idea."  So, at the 
risk of sounding like a member of the Mutual Admiration Society (founding 
member actually), kudos to you for pulling it together and hitting a home run!  

    John  AAR3CK 

  Hi, Bruce - 

  The RD trumps me on this one as far as I am concerned.  The RD and I prepared 
our messages, and sent them out, at almost the exact same time.  I sent mine at 
Jim's direction, before I was able to read Tim's message not to do them.  Don't 
know why that decision was made and an explanation was not offered.

  So, having heard nothing different, no AAR's this time around.

  Thanks for asking es 73,


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