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I do not have a schedule exercise at this time. I have asked the SMD's and EO 
of the states to organize a state exercise. I have had no response to date. PA 
has one in work with the Army Reserve unit we have exercised with before but 
not in the near future.

My suggestion is to get their date of preference and organize an exercise on 
that date at the state level with Region participation. I will assist as needed.

Your Thoughts, Larry AAM3RE
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          Last Monday I had a meeting with MEMA.  They are interested in 
participating in our next exercise and would like a proposed plan for such 
exercises. I dont know if they would be more likely to participate during 
business hours or not. It will also give us a good opportunity to show off (to 
MEMA) the trailer that Dave is putting together.  

          Please let me know what your plans are.  


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