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Consider the inclusion of a back-up date (like 1st Sat in May)...most unlikely 
that any activation of MEMA would span two weekends.  

The note re lunch should be included in the body, not after your signature.

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        Below is what I propose to send to the general membership later this 
evening if you all agree.


        We have set the date for the Yearly Maryland/DC MARS meeting, It will 
be held on 25 April 2009 at the Maryland Emergency Management Agency.  This 
date is contingent on not having a some type of emergency in the state that 
will mandate activation of MEMA. 

        Some of the topics to be discussed are:
          Army MARS 500 Hour awards (yes you gotta be there Scott)
          Short Tour of MEMA
          Short slide show about MEMA
          MEMA MOU
          Non Profit status (501-c3)
          The new training modules (we want to hear your feed back)
          Army, Navy, Air Force Jointness discussion
          Repeater, Packet & RMS discussion

        If you personally know members of the other MARS services please invite 
them and have
        them contact AAM3MD/AAR3CK for more information.

        Further information and information on who will be coordinating (taking 
RSVP information) will be forth coming after our monthly staff meeting next 

        Jim AAA3MD

        Since there are no facitlities for lunch close by we will be having 
sandwiches. The cost will be about $5 per person.

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