//MARS R/ August Staff Meeting Announcement -- a must-read

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The August staff meeting is scheduled for 05 August, 7pm, at the Sykesville
American Legion Hall. 


In preparation for that meeting, you are requested to:

1.       RSVP regarding your attendance (that means send a "Yes, I will
attend" or "No, I will not attend")

2.       Submit items for the agenda under the general categories listed

3.       Respond to any appropriate action (and "should have been action")
items listed below either:

a.       At the meeting or 

b.      by return email prior to the meeting if you are not attending.


The general agenda categories are:

1.       Membership

2.       Training

3.       MEMA

4.       Repeaters

5.       MMARSI 

6.       Misc. (Items for discussion that do not fall under any of the major


The following items are carried over from the June meeting:

Action: Dave and Wayne to contact Fran AAR3BV and arrange for a site visit
regarding assistance with digital modes and with RF noise sniffing

Action: Tony  to work with Mack AAR3BU regarding assistance with NCS and
digital modes

Action: Tony to contact Scott to determine his interest/disinterest in EOO
position  [Closed - Scott declined]

Action: Gary and Jim are to prepare a plan of activities needed to resolve
the operational issues [at Cascade] and present the plan at the next staff
meeting  [A plan of activities has been submitted.  A plan of action is now

Action: Jim is to contact our POC at the site to determine status of a
possible relocation to a new building.


Other discussions that should have been designated as action items and are
treated as such:

1.       Brochures -- Update the file and have multiple copies printed [Jim
was to update the file and John 3NT was to make copies]

2.       VHF frequencies -- Gary will contact Smitty at HQ to get new VHF
frequency allocations.  Gary will present himself as the SMD representative
in order to follow protocol.

3.       DC Repeater -- plans to correct/resolve this situation are not well
defined at this time [plan needed - prepared by whom?]

4.       MMARSI Email -- John 3CK will establish a MMARSI reflector [Item
closed: the reflector is in place and active]

5.       Cascade Site Access - Jim is to prepare a letter for contact with
the new security team at Site C.





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