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   I am sending this email to try to sort out a problem that happened on the 20 
January events.  This happened in the morning, before 10pm evidently.  I am not 
interested in assigning blame but more to prevent it from happening again.  
Simply put.. the CAM places very high importance on JOINTNESS and we want to do 
everything in our power to ensure a seamlessness to our joint operations.  
   Please get back to me ASAP and let me know if you have any knowlege of the 
event.  We should never turn a sister service away.. even if they had too many 
liason stations in our nets.. better to err on the side of caution... nor 
should we turn another government service away....
By the way we even had another government service using their federal call sign 
on the DC repeater .. I think it is great when this happens it shows we are 
doing what we are supposed to do.

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Tim, Jim,
      Now that the dust has settled I'll share with you a
complaint that came from AFMARS after the
exercise and that, to be honest about it, I simply 
ignored. None of  my business anyway. 
However, since the sender was named 
exercise coordinator for all of AFMARS today 
I'll pass it along. No response expected. The
problem isn't mentioned in the AAR. This is one
of the good guys it's a pleasure to interoperate 
Bill Sexton
On Sat, 24 Jan 2009 11:45:14 -0500 "Edmonds, James"
writes  IN PART):
. . . The achievements that we did accomplish were all a direct result of
the very 
successful joint training exercises that we have held over the past two
And, as I mentioned, Bill Fitzsimmons and I are already planning more for

 However, I was told today that a complaint has been voiced regarding the

attempts by our station, AFA5DT, to check into the Army MARS Region 3 C3
Net. In 
the e-mails that were sent to me, this was characterized an as
 The AF MARS National Emergency Communications Manager, Mike Carl/AFN2EC,

stated in his ECOM message that was copied to Army and Navy/MC MARS and
in his conference call with the Army MARS players several days before the

operation, that he would designate an AF MARS station to act as a liaison
the AF MARS Northeast Emergency Communications Net and the Army MARS C3
Mike selected AFA5DT, an Air Force veteran and prior AF MARS Region 1
Voice Net 
Manager to be that liaison station because of his experience and 
 The liaison function was established to help further the goal of
and interoperability and AFA5DT was the perfect man for the job.
 It appears that there is still some discussion continuing regarding AF
sending a liaison station to the Army MARS net but I expect that this
will all 
get settled in time for our next joint exercise. . .
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