[mdmars_staff] ARES looking for 75-100 operators; MARS ops sit and wait for our country to need us.

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  • Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 18:47:13 -0800 (PST)

   Read below please, I had put this down and walk away when I saw it.  I keep 
hearing from the CAM how relevant we are yet we get nothing and the ARES gets a 
significant role. Forgive me but somehow I smell a Ross Merlin in this.   Do 
you mean they couldn't find something significant for MARS to do with ALL of 
the things out there.  

  Maybe I should be grateful I don't know but this stinks pretty bad. Maybe we 
should just fold up camp now. Very discouraged now.


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Subject: [MDC-EC] Call for Help - Presidential Inauguration


I got a note from Jack Gunther KB3KKY earlier today. He has been asked by the
folks doing the safety planning for the inauguration next month for
communications help. Here's a portion of Jack's email:

"I'm writing you today with a call for help.  As you know, the Inaguration will
be taking place here in DC next month (20 Jan) and we are expecting record
crowds (over 10K Charter Busses, 2.5M-5M visitors)."

"In the past few days I've been contacted by the folks who have been planning
for crowd safety and logistics support.  They are asking that we arrange for
teams of Ham operators to work with the SERVE/DC CERT teams both on the Mall
and coordinating Charter Busses and Shuttle Busses for the event.  They
anticipate needing somewhere between 75 and 100 operators in order to provide
adequate coverage, reasonable shifts, and necessary backup & relief."

Please start discussing this with your ARES members to see who could be
available to help out. If we're not able to get enough help from the
Maryland-DC section, I'll need to know ASAP so that help from adjacent sections
can be solicited.

This inauguration is obviously going to be a HUGE event. Just imagine what's
going to happen when 5 million people try to use their cell phones! Our special
communications skills and resources are going to make a big difference. Why just
watch the inauguration of a lifetime when you can be a part of it!

73; Steve, N3SB

*** Happy Holidays ***


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