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well have several laptops that work just fine for the purpose.. we only need to 
replace the batteries.   We can start with them and replace them in the trailer 
as we get farther along

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I agree.  

There are a few things to consider when using a laptop for field use.  There 
are lots of ruggedized machines out there, but they are super expensive.  

I picked up an inexpensive "Netbook" a few months ago and have been using it 
with my 897D out in the field.  I have to use a USB to serial adapter to 
control the radio or use a TNC, but it has worked great.  The computer is VERY 
portable and runs off of 12v (from the factory, no less).  The unit I have uses 
a solid state drive, so it is less apt to fail from being jostled around.  The 
only problem I have is that the display and the keyboard are smaller than 
typical, so it can be a bit tough to type quickly on.  I think the tradeoffs in 
keyboard and screen size are worth looking at though when you consider the 
power consumption compared to something much larger...


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The list looks okay to me with the exception a laptop is not mentioned.  

I have a battery case that should hold a 100 AH deep cycle battery.

Would you also want to consider a couple of TG Electronics power boosters to 
keep the DC voltage level up?

God bless,




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   attached is a list of equipement that I put together (as a proposal).  The 
idea is to have every comment on the list.. likes dislikes  etc..  One thing I 
forgot is that whatever we purchase  we need to have the same radio(s) 
throughout.  It is too hard to train people to operate 3 or 4 different radios 
that all do the same thing.  This way once you learn how to operate the menus 
and buttons .. all radios are all the same.


Comments please.. hit reply... 



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