[mdmars_members] The new Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)

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The Military Affiliate Radio System (MARS) no longer exists.
It has been replaced by the Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS)
today, December 23, 2009.
Department of Defense DIRECTIVE (DODD) 4650.2 previously established the
MARS program.
DODD 4650.2 has been replaced by Department of Defense INSTRUCTION
(DODI) 4650.2 and renamed the Military Auxiliary Radio System.
If you look at the Webster's definition of "affiliate" vs. "auxiliary"
you will notice that an auxiliary is a stronger relationship with an
entity than an affiliate relationship.
You can download read the new DoD Instruction by going to:  
In the column on the left, click on "Instructions" and when the list
scroll thru to "4650.02" and click on that.
Alternately, go directly to:

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