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This is AAR3BU  have you masters EAZY PAL .  I have Yaesu 897 D  too .And 
need some  HELP !
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The only place I can think of is Fair Radio in Lima, Ohio.   Check their 
Web site,
73, Gary

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Subject: [mdmars_members]  Surplus sources for PRC radios...
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I am looking for suggestions on where  to pick up a manpack radio similar 
to a PRC 70 (or something with  similar functions).  I basically want to set 
up something that is  durable, easy to pack, is well documented, etc.  I 
know I can do  a lot of this with my 897D and The Yaesu internal battery backs, 
but  the PRC's tend to have a lot of nice features like internal antenna  
tuners, and they are much more ruggedized and modularized for repair  
purposes.  Ideally this would be used to deploy if required,  hence the need 
something rugged.  An FSK port would also be  ideal.    

I have found a few surplus sites that sell  Clansmen equipment from the UK, 
and a few other European and Russian  radios, but not much on the side of 
US equipment.  The sites that  do feature US equipment are very limited 
(mostly VFH and UHF mobile  setups).  I know the surplus market is pretty dry 
these days, but  I'm guessing someone within MARS might be a bit more savvy on 
sources  than I am?  

Any info is much  appreciated.

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