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Jim:  I am available either one of those dates.  I have a KAM 98, with a cable labeled FT 8100 but it seems to fit my FT 8800 ( the rear plug-in  issue we discussed on the phone).  

 I have a laptop (an HP Notebook computer ) and use my Blackberry for internet access


Thanks  Gary

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Ok guys, 
   At the staff meeting last thursday evening we discussed the upcoming 1 April deadline that everyone must meet for having an operational WINLINK station.  The board decided we needed a class to get those that do not have WINLINK access up and running.
  So here is what we are offering.  We will show you how to install and operate (get started as it were):
       1. AIRMAIL
       2. RMS EXPRESS
       3. PACKLINK
  You only need to get one of these running but some may have a preference for one over the other so we are teaching all three.
   We are asking that you bring a laptop if you have it along with a TNC & radio if you have one. We will provide the power supply for the TNC and radio. Make sure your computer has a serial port that you can connect to the TNC or a USB to RS232 adaptor.  You must also make sure that your radio and TNC have the appropriate interface cable so that your radio and TNC can talk.
   What we hope we will be able to do is:
      1: use AIRMAIL (telnet window) to talk to the CMS using the internet
      2. use AIRMAIL (packet window) to talk to an RMS via packet.
      3. use PACKLINK to talk to the CMS using the internet
      4. use PACKLINK to talk to an RMS via packet
      5. use RMS EXPRESS to talk the CMS using the internet
      6. use RMS EXPRESS to talk to an RMS using packet
Oh by the way I need to know what date you are available Feb 20 or Feb 27 are the preferred dates.
What I need to know from each one of you is:
A. IF YOU need help setting up one if these clients to get your mail from the WINLINK system and do you have a laptop, TNC, radio and all cables that you can bring?
B. IF you do NOT need help .. can you come to help as a facilitator?  Provide a little one-on-one for the people that do need help.
NOW if you do not have a laptop computer, TNC or radio to bring please let me know it does NOT disqualify you from participating in this training.
Guys, getting on WINLINK is a requirement from the fort.  I would greatly appreciate if if you would participate in this training if you are not already on WINLINK.  This will greatly simplify my life and that of the staff.... and really we can not afford to lose anyone because of something so simple.  I promise you we will work with you to see that you get what you need even if your not up to speed on computers .. WE WILL NOT LET YOU FAIL
  P.S. This training will probably be held at the American Legion in Sykesville, MD (why because they offered the room and because they serve lunch at the bar) 
geeze I hope I have not gotten myself in over my head here

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