[mdmars_members] Re: November training

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There is some wierd formatting in the text file...betcha Tim doesn't see it.

Even without the weirdness, let's not send out to the mem-ship (else they will 
"pick and choose").  IMHO, Wayne (or Bob Platz) should send out only to the 

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  Subject: [mdmars_members] November training

        Tim et all,

        November training changes from method used successfully since July.
        However material to support that training is getting thin and some have
        asked for change. This month will bring attention to training problems 
        observed during October. I have received input from members and for
        that I am grateful. You should consider this schedule flexible and if
        one you feels there is an area missing that needs immediate attention,
        send me an email and we work with you to get it done.

        73 Wayne 

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