[mdmars_members] Re: NTIA Compliance

  • From: Pudgeforrester@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • To: mdmars_members@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2008 12:26:54 EST

Hi Gary,
Does the Alinco have a TXCO option that gives .5 ppm stablity?  I don't know 
the answer.  I don't believe the 8800 would be legal on VHF/UHF, do to the 
strict standards.  In fact most VHF amateur transceivers would not meet the 
frequency tolerance for VHF and UHF.
A couple of relatively inexpensive ($300 range) options for narrow band VHF 
are the Vertex VX 4204 for base/mobile and the Icom IC-F33 handheld.  Both have 
256 or more channels but they do need to be computer programmed.
God bless,

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