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April 2 is not available for me, sorry.
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DE AAR3CK NR 10-81
 R 311730Z DEC 2010
 Good afternoon, everyone - 
 I hope that you've all have a great Christmas and are ready to jump into 2011 
with the promise of good things to come!  We are in the early stages of 
planning our annual meeting and need your help.  The meeting agenda will 
contain training and information that will be valuable to all of us.  The 
location has not yet been determined.
 #1.  There are two possible dates being considered at this time.  Those are 
April 2nd and April 9th, both are Saturdays.   Does anybody know of any 
conflict on either of those dates that would keep you from attending our annual 
meeting.  Possible conflicts might include a hamfest, your wife's wedding 
anniversary, you are traveling and not available, and so on.  We are trying to 
maximize the number of attendees so we get as much benefit out of the meeting 
as possible. 
 #2.  Training topics.  What, specifically, would you think would be most 
helpful to you if we could put on some training in that topic?  We plan to have 
several topics but, what would really help you?  What might there be that would 
make you say, "I need to get to that meeting because they are going to talk 
about (insert thought here)!"
 #3.  Send me your feedback on these issues by close of the radio day, January 
5, 2010.  You are welcome to reply to this message and all will see what you 
have to say, or send your information directly to me by clicking here:  
aar3ck@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:aar3ck@xxxxxxxxxxx> 
 Either way, thanks in advance for your input.  This is your MARS, make it a 
positive experience!
 Happy New Year and 73,
 John  AAA3MD
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