[mdmars_members] Re: //MARS R/ AFTER ACTION REPORT - HURRICANE IRENE and commentary

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Pudge etal:
First of all MARS has NO 440 freqs.  Second there is no reason to control a 
remote base 
over 440  I have a means doing this and I would volunteer my place as the 
remote base for the 
time being.  It is about 3-4 miles as the crow flys and if you get up on the 
MEMA roof
you can all but see my place.  
Interestingly enough the TS480 has remote capabilities over the internet .. but 
wait what 
if the internet goes down.. well we dont use the internet but we do use WIFI to 
my house to MEMA thereby eliminating ALL of the interference suffered by MEMA. I
have used this technique before and it works fantastic.
There are also other places we could locate a remote base.. that would work.

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and commentary

Good morning Group,
I decided to forgo the usual AAR and provide comments instead.

Left home and drove 90 miles to Maryland Emergency Management Agency near 
Reisterstown, MD early Saturday morning as part of the 1600 - 2200Z MARS team.  
We had WL2K and VHF, MT63 and voice HF operational, and also found ourselves 
operating the RACES VHF station.

Home for some sleep and back at the site at 1000Z on Sunday morning for another 
6 hour shift.

Because of my soon to be previous position I am on a first name basis with some 
of those at MEMA.  I can say they were impressed with our performance and want 
to keep us as partners.  

1. Due to budget restraints some MEMA service contracts have been 
discontinued.  Therefore it might be valuable for us as volunteers to perform 
periodic equipment and antenna checks.  

2. In my other email I suggested that all MD/DC MARS members should obtain MEMA 
credentials.  These photo ID's would probably come in handy for other emergency 
and drill events.

3. There is a good high end Yaesu HF rig there that I'm certain could be set up 
as a MARS station.  Then perhaps a more permanent HF antenna can be installed 
to replace the temporary one installed.

4. Also wondering if we could set up a 440 link to control a remote base.

5. It turns out the so-called "bad" CAP VHF antenna belongs to MEMA and not CAP 
so if we can get it up and running we can claim it.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

God bless,
Pudge AAR3RF

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