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HS Associates,
Today we learned that Scott has some source of internal bleeding that has 
developed over the past few days.  The doctors ordered a CAT scan of his 
abdomen today to try to locate it but the scan was negative.  Meanwhile, 
unbeknownst to me until tonight, Scott has a blood clot in his left leg which 
is why he has been getting daily shots of blood thinner.  I thought the shots 
were merely precautionary but tonight I learned that the clot was diagnosed at 
Shock Trauma prior to his discharge to Kernan.  Because of the bleeding, they 
now need to stop the blood thinner but that poses a risk given the clot.  So 
they are talking about transporting him back to University to insert a blood 
filter – possibly tomorrow.  They will also be running additional tests to try 
to find the source of the bleeding.  I’ll keep you posted.
Kathleen Duckett McCann
Law Office of Kathleen Duckett McCann, LLC
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Queenstown, Maryland  21658

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