[mdmars_members] Fw: Scott's 4th surgery

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FYI..  by the way Scott is answering his email.. but dont get too long winded 
its hard to type with one hand.

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Please forward to the membership.  Gary

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Subject: Scott's 4th surgery
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HS Associates,
Scott’s 4th surgery – skin graft to his left ankle - has been completed.  He 
said there was no need to apply a “muscle flap” because there appears to be 
enough of his own good muscle tissue to apply the graft.  The surgeon said if 
his lower leg/ankle continues to improve and remains free of infection, he 
plans to go back in in a few weeks to install plates and screws in Scott’s 
ankle/lower leg and under his knee.  
For the first time, the doctor referred to his ankle/lower leg fracture by name 
– he called it a “pilon fracture.”  He said it is where the foot is driven up 
into the lower leg thereby “blowing out” the ankle.  The biggest worry is risk 
of infection at the site of the pilon fracture.  Risk of infection is still 
high but, so far, there are no signs of infection.  Scott and I feel so 
fortunate that he is in such good hands and is getting the most excellent care 
Thank you all for your love and concern. 
Kathleen Duckett McCann 
Law Office of Kathleen Duckett McCann, LLC 
160 Shields Lane 
Queenstown, Maryland  21658 


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