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Greetings HS Associates,
The doctors at Kernan say Scott has derived all of the benefit he can get from 
Kernan at this time so they plan to discharge him tomorrow and have him 
transported to Genesis on Milkshake Lane in Annapolis until his next surgery.  
He is still scheduled to see his doctor at University next Monday for a 
pre-surgery exam and, if everything looks good, surgery #5 will be on Wednesday 
8/26.  He will not return to Kernan until his left leg has healed enough to 
benefit from physical therapy.  He can’t have physical therapy on that leg 
until it is weight-bearing.
Also, since we don’t know whether Genesis has wi-fi, I brought his laptop home 
tonight so he is incommunicado for now. I will send out an e-mail tomorrow 
letting you know where he is.
Kathleen Duckett McCann
Law Office of Kathleen Duckett McCann, LLC
160 Shields Lane
Queenstown, Maryland  21658

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