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HS Associates,
I am sending this out to those of you who may visit Scott.  He was moved to 
room 919 today - a private room because a lab result came back showing he 
tested positive for “Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus.”  He is not 
sick and he does not have a staph infection so he is not being treated for 
this.  In fact, he feels fine and is glad to have a nice big private room.  He 
may have picked this up at the hospital or he may have had it all along.  
Everyone carries staph on the skin, hair, nose and mouth and many healthy 
people carry a strain that is resistant to Methicillin – an antibiotic commonly 
used for staph infections.  It didn’t scare me and I kissed him just the same 
as always but we wanted you to know so you can make your own decision about 
whether to visit. 
Kathleen Duckett McCann
Law Office of Kathleen Duckett McCann, LLC
160 Shields Lane
Queenstown, Maryland  21658

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