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Guys,   FYI.. there is a very big message in here.. make sure you are not on 
the wrong side of this.. nough said.

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R 222315Z MAY 2009
SUBJ:  CAM 13-2009 Chief Army MARS AAR from Dayton and Future Training.

1. Army MARS RDs and SDs are to ensure all Training Officers and Army
MARS members receive this document ASAP.
2.  Chief N-MC MARS sent out a message last Sunday to N-MC MARS members
that there was a possibility that N-MC MARS may close - depending on a
very high level Navy determination currently under development.  Let me
state here and now, Army MARS will welcome all N-MC MARS members in good
standing into Army MARS to continue to serve America.
3.  At the DAYTON Hamvention during the MARS Chiefs' session, I briefed
that Army MARS will continue to move forward with MARS 101 and the Road
ahead.  I stated that Army MARS members can follow my lead or not.
Meaning: I only want Army MARS members who are committed to becoming
relevant to our 21st Century mission.  All those who want to live in the
past - I call them "Digital Dinosaurs" and not meet the training
objectives I've charted, can make the decision to leave Army MARS, with
a "BIG Thank-you and 73" for their dedication and past service to
America.  Army MARS is moving forward to improve its ability to provide
relevant civil support within CONUS - this means we must
use/develop/provided the right skills, tools and training. 
4.  Towards that end, we begin MARS 101 training again on 5 July 09.
All those who failed to start the MARS 101 training a few months ago and
all those who were unable to complete it, will get only one more chance
to Get It Done.  If not completed by the end of the 2nd pass thru of
this material, I'll respectfully ask them to retire. Larry Nicholson,
Army MARS Training Director will lead this effort--with support of the
Tiger Team, under my leadership.  I'll release a CAM next week to spell
out the details. 
5.  My thanks to the Tiger Team for an awesome job jump-starting a new
segment of training in Army MARS.  Related to this, I will soon publish
an updated Unit 8, to clarify the minor mistakes within the current
release-it will eliminate some confusion as to the proper way for the
NCS to call for additional check-ins.
6.  Happy Memorial Day holiday weekend to the Army MARS and entire US
MARS Force.



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