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HS Associates,
Yesterday, Scott returned to University Hospital to have a blood filter 
inserted into a vein to block that blood clot in his leg should it break free 
and head toward his heart and lungs.  They were then able to stop the blood 
thinner which became necessary due to the onset of internal bleeding.  Today 
they tracked down the source of the bleeding to his left calf.  He has 
developed a large hematoma that evidently started to form last week after his 
skin graft surgery.  Yesterday morning his blood count was still low but it had 
leveled off so it appeared that the bleeding had stopped or at least slowed.  
Last night they gave him 2 units of blood.  Today he feels fine.  They will 
continue to monitor his blood count over the weekend and if it falls again, he 
will be taken back over to University on Monday for his orthopedic surgeon to 
take a look at the hematoma.  They are also keeping a close watch on his white 
count because the hematoma is a
 potential source of infection.  
Scott’s room mate (the gunshot patient) was discharged yesterday and it was 
peaceful and quiet in his room last night!  I am heading up there this evening 
with my laptop, netflix movie and a pizza and we are having a Friday night 
I hope your weekend is at least as good as ours!
Kathleen Duckett McCann
Law Office of Kathleen Duckett McCann, LLC
160 Shields Lane
Queenstown, Maryland  21658

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