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Here's the latest from Scott McCann's wife.
73, Gary AAR3EY

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Greetings from Scottland!
Scott’s doctor used the word “beautiful!”  Scott was transported from Kernan 
over to the Shock Trauma Pavilion today.  It was a grim trip over for him – 
Scott told the EMTs he would rather be transported in a cement mixer!  The trip 
back was much easier on him because he griped to the staff so they called a 
different transport company with better stretchers and more skilled EMTs!  
Anyway, the doctor removed the dressing from his skin graft and said it looked 
beautiful!  Lots of pink skin and good blood flow.  The plan is for him to be 
transported back to the Shock Trauma Pavilion on August 24th and, if everything 
looks good, he will be re-admitted to University Hospital directly from there 
and will have his next surgery (#5) sometime later that week.  The next surgery 
will involve putting internal fixation (plates and screws) in the lower left 
tibia and, possibly, the upper left tibia.  The doctor said that today’s x-ray 
of the upper
 tibia showed significant improvement such that plates and screws might not be 
necessary.  He will make that determination from the next set of x-rays.  So 
the news is all good and Scott’s spirits remain high! 
I’ll write again when I have more news. 
Kathleen Duckett McCann 
Law Office of Kathleen Duckett McCann, LLC 
160 Shields Lane 
Queenstown, Maryland  21658 


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