[mdmars_members] Re: Amateur Radio club and MARS at the American Legion

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i belong to post 268 in silver spring, md


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Subject: [mdmars_members] Amateur Radio club and MARS at the American Legion 

On May 4th and 5th, 2011 the National Executive Committee of the American 
Legion in Indianapolis, Indiana passed Resolution No.11 establishing The 
American Legion Amateur Radio Club.  
This evening John AAA3MD and I met with the House Committee of American Legion 
Post 223 in Sykesville with a request to start a local amateur radio club and 
establish a station at the at the post.  
We have explained to the House committee about the need for 125-150 sq ft of 
space in a room that can be locked to prevent unauthorized access to the 
The house committee seemed interested in our proposal and promised to present 
our request to the Executive committee in August. If the Executive committee 
likes the proposal we must present it at the general membership meeting 
(probably the third Wednesday of August). 
Why should MARS care?  
Well, because MARS will be a big part of the presence at the post ANDthat gives 
us an OFFICIAL status in the post. Believe me when I tell you that this would 
not be possible without the National Post resolution. What we get out of this 
is a place to meet, and a sponsor or sorts. 
What does the Legion post get? 
They get help to meeting a requirement to support DHS, Emergency 
communications/preparedness in the community. 
What can you do to help? 
If you are a veteran please come join American Legion Post 223. If you are not 
a veteran but your father was you are eligible to join the Sons of the American 
Legion. There are some specific date requirements for military service for both 
organizations. Talk to me and I will find out if you qualify.  
If you belong to a different post in Marylandplease drop me a note and let me 
know which post. When I go before general membership in August I would like to 
have a complete list of who belongs so they do not think they are being invaded 
by outsiders.   
Remember to gain access to the station on you own you will have to be a Legion 
member. Besides if the post is going to support us…. Shouldn’t we support them? 
Oh, Before I forget it.. if you belong to the Sykesville post already please 
plan to come to the  
August general membership meeting so show your support. 

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