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R  260140z Sep 2009
Fm D.Smith/AAA9F AZ
To All Army MARS Members and Stations
Subject: Chief Army MARS - Net Notes, 25 Sep 2009

    Good evening, Army MARS members and guests from Navy-Marine Corps and Air 
Force MARS, and 
fellow amateurs. In my e-mailed Net Notes last week I promised you a special 
net tonight, and it
certainly will be that.

Three years ago this autumn I was breaking in the Deputy Director of Current 
Operations at 9th SC9(
A) G3.  Responsibility for oversight of Army MARS was a small and seemingly 
low-impact part of my 
new job back then. By year-end I perceived
the MARS program needed to be resurrected.  Army North was just standing up at 
that time to provide
support to Civil Authority in CONUS during emergencies-that is the same mission 
I perceived Army 
MARS was uniquely positioned to do.
I requested the Commanding General appoint me Chief of Army MARS so I could 
implement changes to 
make our critical resources available to America for Civil Support.   We-you 
and me-immediately went
to work and MARS did rise from the ashes to become a viable civil support 
capability from the 
Department of Defense and the Army. 

    I'm here tonight three years later, together with my able and trusted 
deputy for two and a 
half of those years, Jim Griffin, to announce another change of leadership.  
Let me read from this
news release just issued by HQ 9th SC(A):

Ft Huachuca, AZ-Veteran Army communicator Jim Griffin (KE7LJA) is the new Chief 
of the Army Military
Affiliate Radio System (MARS).
    Maj. Gen. Susan S. Lawrence, Commanding General of the 9th Signal Command 
(Army), named 
Griffin to succeed Stuart S. Carter who held the Chief's post since December 
2006.  MARS, the 
Defense Department-sponsored organization of amateur radio operators who 
volunteer for communications
support in emergencies, is a component of the 9thSC(A).
    As a uniformed member of the Signal Corps and subsequently a civil servant, 
Griffin has 
amassed 52 years in government service. Before this appointment, he had served 
for two years as 
Deputy Chief of Army MARS with special responsibility for construction of its 
new gateway 
communications station at Ft Huachuca.
"It is has been a fast three years, and I believe we've positioned Army MARS to 
better support 
the missions of the Army and to provide critically needed communications 
capabilities to Civil 
Authority when needed," retiring Chief Carter said in a message to the force. 
Carter, a retired 
Air Force communications officer, will continue in his concurrent post as 
Chief, Sustainment 
Operations, 9th SC(A) G3, with continued oversight for MARS as well as for 
Force Protection and 
Antiterrorism responsibilities for 9th SC(A)'s Global force of 22,000 military, 
civilians and
"I will remain Jim Griffin's number 1 supporter." 

Griffin's career spans both the modern era of radio communications and the 
global reach of 
American military commitment.  "My early days of radio were in the army as a 
Fixed Station 
Repairman," he recalled in a broadcast greeting to MARS members. "I started out 
with vacuum tubes,
filament voltages, resistors, capacitors and other items that are found in 
museums today.  I have 
been stationed in some of the more interesting places of the world such as 
Japan, Vietnam, France,
Germany, Thailand and Italy.  I have run a gamut of positions in radio, 
microwave, AUTODIN and
satellite as a technician, Installer and instructor."
    The new chief, a native of Hawaii, enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1956. 
Joining the Army 
in 1959, he developed a personal specialty of quality control/assurance at 
major installations 
around the world. He retired from active duty in May 1979 with a total of 23 
years military service
and became a civilian staff member in December that year.
The change of command at MARS HQ comes just as Army MARS completes an intense 
eight-month retraining
program in preparation for the Army's expanding support for homeland security. 
The three years of
leadership by Carter and his deputy saw almost daily change as MARS adjusted to 
the government's
rapidly-evolving homeland security structure. 
The MARS role includes operation of an e-mail-over-radio backup system for 
participating federal, 
state and local agencies as well as HF radio command-and-control nets in all 50 
states, both
capabilities maintained in constant readiness in case commercial circuits 
became severed by natural 
or manmade disaster.  MARS also provides trained members to assist state and 
local emergency 
operations centers. 
Because of its dual responsibility to both the Army and the civilian agencies 
supported by the 
military in emergencies, MARS members undergo training in both military and 
civil communications 
Carter presented his successor on the Chief's Friday evening broadcast net and 
presented Chief 
Griffin an Emergency Vest with a Giant MARS logo on the back and the words 
"Emergency Communications"
on the back.  Formally assuming command with the MARS call sign AAA9A, Griffin 
told the national
linkup of MARS stations:
"We are on a steady course based on the 'Road Ahead' planning document that 
Chief Carter published 
last February.  In fact, this week marks the completion of re-training of the 
entire Army MARS
membership to meet the plan's long-term goals. 
"Now the work really begins," he said.




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