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Bill, thank you so much - this is fantastic! 

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Subject: [mcc_clubit] Job Opportunities for MC ClubIT Hey folks,
There are a couple interesting networking IT jobs open at Cox.    Both are on the Sales Engineering.    The SE role is a technical position where you support the sales folks on the “techie stuff”.    This is the same role I perform over at Cogent.    The job of SE is generally  joining in the sales cycle to understand what the customer is trying to accomplish and digging into the details of their data transport to make sure what is sold will actually accomplish the goal.    We are the techie in the room that everyone trusts. :-).  
For those that have been in the MCC IT Club for a while, you will remember Al Myers the Sale Engineering Manager at Cox.   He and a couple of his team visited us for a zoom call.   Al reached out to me and asked me to pass this along to MCC as well as the Palomar folks.
The IT world is diverse.   If you have a real interest in the networking side of the business, there is a great entry level opening at Cox Communication.   I have never seen this job description and door-opener before.  Getting into the the SE world is not a walk-on part.    Usually the role as an SE is a classic “you need experience to get the job, but you need the job to get experience”.     This is an opportunity to work for the SE team with a walk-in role that won’t freak you out with tremendous upside opportunity.      If you want a place to be surrounded by varying levels of talent with diverse areas of expertise, along with an expansive opportunity to learn, topped off with caring / strong mentors . . .   honestly, it does not get much better than this.
Below I am also  including a link for a more seasoned SE position.   If you are further along the education path and also happen to have an interest in cloud architecture, this particular SE role looks like it will have a cloud based focus.   As you can imagine, the wide area networking and data transport companies like Cox are daily discussing with customers/prospects how their cloud migration is going and how to best craft a networking solution that fits well with their plans.       . . . apply or pass it along if you know someone.
So again, there are two opportunities.  One is a “get my foot in the door” and the other more seasoned..
If you go through the online process and want to make sure your application/resume is looked at, let me know and I will make sure Mr. Myers knows to pull it from the stack to at give it second reading.




Happy Holidays folks.    
Bill Batchelor

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