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  • Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2022 01:09:19 -0600

Greetings, MARC Members and Friends of MARC!

Those of you who were on the net this evening heard our own Paul (AE4KR) mention that he was going to try to do a SOTA (Summits On The Air) activation tomorrow, October 10th, starting around 2:30 PM.  Any who would like to help Paul with this activation, please take note of the following information:

Hello All,

I'm going hiking with my stepson Monday. We decided to hike to "Alien Tower" on Traverse Ridge, where James, KK7AVS has operated portable for the 10m net with great success. I decided that, given the site's established favorable RF properties, the fact that my stepson is interested in amateur radio, and the fantastic conditions on 10 meters the last week, I might as well make an attempt at Summits on the Air while we're up there.

I looked, and sure enough, the peak is listed in the SOTA database, although it's under the much more boring-sounding name "View Benchmark." I know many of you will be at work, but thought I'd mention it in case some can break away.

I plan to take 100 watts on 10m and 6m, 5 watts on 2m and 70cm, 1 watt on 1.25m and 33cm. Antennas will be somewhat compromised to fit in a backpack, but I'm hoping the elevation (6683' MSL) will give me a little boost.

I'll need at least four contacts to qualify as an activation. We expect to be in position by 1430 local. I'll be self-spotting on SOTA website on the following frequencies over the following 60 - 90 minutes:

28.345 MHz USB (First open frequency up from there, or 28.530 if I can't find a clear spot in the Tech segment)
50.150 MHz USB (First open frequency up from there if QRM requires)
146.54 FM simplex
223.44 FM simplex
446.50 FM simplex
927.60 FM simplex

The exchange for credit on my end is signal report and your state. I'll respond with your signal report and the summit identifier. You don't have to be participating in the program to count for credit at my end.

Watch for our "spots" to show up on this real-time directory, to know when I've started or switched bands:


Hope to catch you on the air! 73,

Paul, AE4KR

Jan L. Peterson (KD7ZWV)
Vice President
Murray Amateur Radio Club

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