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  • From: Yoshihiro Fujiwara <fwara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 11:16:32 +0900

I explain the kits, enzymes and reagends I bought recently.

○For cDNA subtraction
Clontech Smart cDNA sunthesis kit; cDNA is snthesized by PCR, you can
apply the conponents of this kit for 5' and 3' race (to clone full
length cDNA)
Clontech cDNA subtraction kit; cDNA cloning from differentially
expressed between two mRNA species

 Oligonecleotides used in both kits were synthesized additionally and
some components of kits listed below are purchased, so we can use them
many times.

clontech avdantage2 PCR enzyme system; proofreading and hot start Taq
Power script reverse transcriptase; clontech
Clontech Chroma spin columns TE-1000; purification of >1kb DNA
restriction enzyme RsaI; 4 base cutter
CTAB; for hybridization buffer of cDNA subtraction, also used as (lamba)
DNA purification
beta-NAD; for hybridization buffer of cDNA subtraction

○For genomic library construction.
lambda FixII XhoI cut partial fill in vector; for genomic DNA library
Giga Pack XL lamba packaging extracts; for genomic library construction.
it can preferentially package above 20kb inserts. Don't confuse with
Giga Pack Gold
dNTP; for partial fill in reaction. It also can be used for PCR
or first strand synthesis of cDNA
Klenow enzymes
restriction enzyme MboI; 4 base cutter
proteinase K; digestion of proteins for DNA preparation
beta-agarase; digestion of low-melting agarose
Millipore Ultrafree MC filter unit 30,000; concentration and
purification of DNA and protein
FMC Seaplaque GTG agarose; low melting agarose
FMC Seakem Gold agarose; for low concentration (0.3-0.5 %) gel
FMC InCert agarose; preparation of high molecular DNA, You can cut DNA by
restriction enzymes in this agarose block.
Biorad CHEF DNA standard 5kb laddar
Electrophoresis apparatus 15cm x 15cm; BioRad
Electrophoresis apparatus 8cm x 10 cm; Atto
BioRad agarose for molecular biology; Use this generally. It disolves

○For Hybiridization and autoradiography
Amersham Pharmacia Random prime DNA labeling kit
Amersham Pharmacia Microspin G-25 column; removal of unincorporated dNTP
X-ray films, casettes, intendifying screen
Fuji imaging plate

○Coming soon
Shaking incubator; For culture of E. coli
Hybridization oven; Southern and Nothern hybridization

藤原義博  fwara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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