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More news from the Tan's. MT

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From: Tran Tan Viet
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Sent: Tuesday, February 06, 2001 10:02 PM
Subject: From TRAN

Dear Sensei:
Sorry for making you worry about me. Yes, it is not too bad since I returned
It is a pleasure of me to hear about members of our lab there. What is
interested to Dr. Yosihihiro Fujiwara about insect ? I am thinking of
sending an article to publish on Nabemushi. Thanks for reminding me on that.
I got some good results on my study recently which one is study on control
of Brontispa sp., an serious insect pest of plants of Palmae. The result was
adopted by FAO who functionally is training farmers in plant protection. The
other is on Black soldier fly who is used as agent in organic solid waste
management. This project is attracted many environmental authories in
Vietnam and some countries to viste. Last week an University of Sweden after
visiting my experiments on the fly suggested the Rector of my University to
send me to Sweden for 3 years. However, the rector refused because he think
I got the degree already! Anyway, that university will come back here in the
next two weeks to discuss about the fund to develop this technique here.
My family are fine. They sometime reminded about your vitsit long time ago.
We wish to welcome you here again. Do you believe that the little Quynh can
sing songs in the CD disc which you presented ? She listen to the disc every
day until she can sing alone that make us surprised.
I stop for now
Sincerely yours,

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