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While I agree with practically everything you have forwarded, I ask you to please do not send inappropriate items to this list. The usefulness of this list depends on everyone believing that anything that comes from it is potentially useful information regarding school. Postings one's religious or political views on here will simply lead to folks unsubscribing or ignoring emails addressed to magnolia-all. While the majority of us may agree with you as well, there will be some that do not...or who may chose  to post their own views that you ay not agree with. i have seen more than one good list torn apart from this sort of  exchange.

While postings of community events with religious or political connections might be marginally appropriate, outright advertising of this sort probably is not.

We do not want to moderate this list as we would prefer to rely on everyone's understanding and sense of appropriateness.


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Subject: [magnolia-all] What's your Iraq Tax?
From: Orlando Vazquez <orlyvazquez@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, June 05, 2008 11:13 am
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Dear Friend,

There's no question that the decision to go into - and stay in - Iraq has cost us. But how much?

According to budget experts, Floridians paid $7.5 billion for the war in 2007 alone.  That's $7.5 billion that could have paid for better schools, health care, affordable housing and initiatives to kick our addiction to oil.

The Bush Administration and its allies in Congress – including some members of the Florida Congressional delegation – want to invest even more.

Please take a moment to send a message to the Florida Congressional Delegation, urging them to stand up for working families here in Florida, instead of siding with George Bush and Dick Cheney in throwing more money at an endless war.  Click here to sign the petition:

http:/ /progressflorida.org/iraqtax

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