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    New Directors Selected 

  The Magnolia School Board of Directors is pleased to announce our new 
leadership team that will officially begin work on May  30, 2008. After 
extensive discussions, consultation with the school staff, and very interesting 
interviews with our candidates, it was decided to move forward with a dual 
directorship. Sophie Wacongne has accepted the position of Educational Director 
and Katy McGlynn has accepted the position of Administrative Director. Based on 
conversations with them, we expect Sophie and Katy to work very closely 
together, and with school staff, students, and parents, to meet the diverse 
needs of our school. The board feels very fortunate to have such talented 
members of our community step forward as our leadership. We look forward to a 
smooth transition and anticipate that Magnolia School will flourish under their 
    A bit of background on our up and coming Directors ?
    Sophie - You may know Sophie as the parent of Emilie and Jeremie. She has 
also been teaching French in the 3/4/5 classroom for two years. Sophie was born 
and educated in France. She has a Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography from MIT and 
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. She taught science and math at the 
Universite de Bretagne Occidentale for seven years before coming to FSU as a 
Scholar Scientist. She looks forward to working with the teachers as they 
develop the upcoming themes and is especially interested in participating in 
planning for science at Magnolia. Sophie is also the founder and facilitator of 
a support group for parents of children on the autism spectrum. We expect that 
this expertise will be a valuable asset in our classrooms. 
    Katy ?  It is certain that you already know Katy who has been an 
indispensable part of the school administration since 2004, first as our 
bookkeeper and most recently as our office manager. Two of her children, Cassie 
and Rory, have already graduated from Magnolia School and Julia will be in the 
middle school next year.  In the past few years, Katy has become closely 
involved with many different aspects of the school: budgeting, recruiting, 
administering various scholarships, supporting teachers, working with the Board 
of Directors, and communicating with parents both formally and informally. Her 
new position will build on many of these duties with the addition of new 
responsibilities. In addition to her work for Magnolia School, Katy is also 
highly involved as a Chief Officer of their family business; McGlynn 
Laboratories, Inc. Katy has already shown herself to be a real team-builder who 
works toward consensus decisions whenever possible. We feel thankful to have her
 experience and knowledge as we develop a new style of administration for 
Magnolia School.

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