[magnolia-all] Magnolia School mailing list final test - hopefully

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  • Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 03:50:32 -0700

OK, here's the short version: forget "everyone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", use "magnolia-all@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" instead. Further info on Magnolia's mailing lists will be placed on the website under e-messaging.

And of course, the longer version:

  • I set up an email mailing list on freelists called "magnolia-all@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

  • I then manually subscribed all of the email addresses from the school roster (copy/paste is my friend)

  • To make things easier for you to remember, I set up an email account called "everyone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" (it seemed like a common-sense name to remember) and set it to forward all email to "magnolia-all@xxxxxxxxxxxxx"

  • In the last two tests, I found out that hotmail/live.com doesn't like my way of doing things, complaining that there are too many auto-forwards and that indicates an email loop. Anyone on hotmail or live.com (lots of y'all) sent me a ton of bounce messages saying "Nope...you can't do that and I'm not delivering it". Of course, the members didn't get the email either.

  • What SHOULD work though is to simply send email to "magnolia-all@xxxxxxxxxxxxx". It is not as elegant as "everyone@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx" but it works......or at least it should. To clarify, you can now send messages to the entire Magnolia School Community at "magnolia-all@xxxxxxxxxxxxx".

  • I have created two other lists. "magnolia-staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" and "magnolia-pto@xxxxxxxxxxxxx" - I think you can figure out their intended usage. The last one is slightly-misnamed because I intend to add both PTO and Board of Director members to it and had originally planned to make it "pto-board@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx", but see above.

  • You must be a subscriber to send unmoderated email to one of the lists, but don't let that stop you from sending an email from a non-subscribed address to any of the lists above. Email from other addresses will come to me or one of the moderators for approval and will then be passed on to the rest of the list if it is valid. This should effectively stop SPAM in it's tracks.

  • I am still getting many bounce messages from people with invalid email addresses. If your email address changes, please update it with Katy in the front office. I will be sending her my list of bounces once I've got the Hotmail/Live crowd weeded out.

  • If you want to change or delete your address on the mailing list or add additional addresses, please contact me via email with the needed information. You can have as many addresses as you want on here.
Hopefully this and the forum at www.themagnoliaschoo l.org/forum will help build the Magnolia School community by making it easier for all of us to communicate and share. Please do not abuse the mailing list by using it for idle chitchat, there is plenty of room to discuss anything under the sun on the forum without forcing it into everyone's inboxes.

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