[macvoiceover] pdfs and the Mac especially those that come with it:

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  • Date: Tue, 22 Apr 2008 21:25:03 -0400

Hi all,

One thing worth mentioning for those looking over the Mac for the first time 
is that there is a good deal of useful documentation on your new mac and 
much of it is in pdf and it's all accessible.  the manual for your new mac 
is located in /userguides and documentation.  When you find and open this 
document, it opens an application called preview.  Preview is like adobe 
reader but it is built into the Mac os.  It does not seem to provide for 
activating links but it does allow you to quickly read through a document. 
You can go from page to page with command left and right arrow left going 
backward and right going forward and you can also have the document read 
continuously and even save it as text.  If a pdf is text to start with, 
preview will accessify it for you and voiceover will read it.  There is no 
special handling of documents though so you get what the document has and 
that can be bad.

Adobe reader for the Mac is available but the only thing you can do with it 
is to use its read aloud functions to read documents which in somecases is 
all you may want to do.
Jonnie Appleseed
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