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I realize that it might be kinda cool looking, and a bit of a space saver not 
to attach a monitor to a mini, but maybe the solution for you Mini users to 
actually get rid of this problem is for you to get a small monitor. You don't 
need anything big. LCD monitors are cheap and small. If money is a problem, 
look on a site like Craig's List, and you'll find used 15 inch LCDs for around 
$50. If you can afford the DVI adaptor, you can afford that.

Besides, it might be nice to have some kind of monitor, even a little one, if a 
sighted user wants to use your computer for a moment, or check out something 
visually for you.

I think that, long-term, it would be good if we could have a fix for the 
monitor requirement, but, in particular, I'm thinking of people like Josh. He's 
a new Mac user, and going off to school with equipment purchased by Voc Rehab. 
If you order some adaptor through them, and it doesn't work out, or if it 
doesn't work out completely, you're just going to have to try another adaptor 
(maybe at your own cost), buy your own monitor, or write to the lists in 
frustration that Apple hasn't fixed this problem yet. Would be so much easier 
to have them buy you a little monitor to go with your Mini. Who knows. Someone 
might want to look at the paper that you're writing before you print it out. 
You might have a roommate that wants to borrow your computer to work on their 
paper, and would buy you beer in exchange. *smile* Being able to run without a 
monitor is nice, but maybe everyone is struggling a bit too hard with this one 
when the solution costs $50, takes up hardly any desk space, and is kinda 
useful on occasion. The adaptor approach seems not quite reliable on all 
models, and seems like an experiment for the adventurous user. I don't think 
that it is the best approach to suggest to new users though.


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i'm not using one...


On 9 Jan 2010, at 02:06, Josh wrote:

        I really hope it is not necessary to have a monitor hoked into the 
latest mac mini. If there's a way not to have a monitor hooked up and have it 
still work good that'd be great.
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