[macvoiceover] [macvoiceover]Not all Apple Stores are created equal

  • From: "Richard Ring" <richard.ring@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 5 Aug 2009 09:12:18 -0500

My experience with my local Apple store was a mixed thing.  Certainly,
the employees I dealt with were friendly and extremely courteous.
However, they were not as helpful as I might have liked. 
When my partner Sarah purchased an iPhone, I was not certain as to
whether or not I wanted one.  However, one week later, I decided to go
for it.  I contacted my local AT&T store and was told that iPhones were
back ordered, and they could order one for me.  But being in instant
gratification mode, that wasn't going to satisfy my techno lust.
Therefore, I called my local Apple store.  I was informed that they had
three 32 gig iPhones that were, if I remember, white.  I asked if they
could hold one for me if I furnished a credit card number.  I was told
that this practice was against Apple's policy.  I certainly understood
that, but my feeling was this.  If I were going to pay for a cab to go
there, I didn't want to get there only to find that they had no iPhones.
So, I pretty much decided I would put this project on hold.  But techno
lust is a difficult foe to vanquish.  So around 5 PM I called the Apple
store again.  I was told they had received a "surprise" shipment of
iPhones, and that they had enough to guarantee that they'd have one for
me by the time I got there.  My partner, Sarah then contacted  the store
and asked if she would be able to upgrade her 16 gig iPhone to a 32 gig
model by simply paying the difference.  I should add that this all took
place on June 26, so that made her iPhone a week old.  They put her on
hold for a while, and when they finally got back to her they told her
that she could in fact do this.  So, off we went to the Apple store.
Now, when we got there, she told them what she had been given to
understand over the phone regarding this upgrade.  So, the employee went
away for about ten minutes.  When he returned, he said that no, they
couldn't do it because Sarah had purchased her iPhone online.  Ok, so I
bought a 32 gig phone anyway.  They didn't know how to turn on Voice
Over, but we were able to tell them.  Finally, we asked them if we could
simply swap sim cards between the two phones.  We were told that this
would not be possible, and to do so might result in the phones becoming
inactive.  Well, I've been dealing with sim card phones for nearly four
years, and I kind of suspected that this was not correct.  And, on the
way home in the cab, we switched sim cards, and our phones have worked
just fine ever since.
Having said all that, I probably will buy a Mac from this store next
month.  They told me that they had heard of Voice Over for the Mac, but
they really didn't know what it was.  It will be fun to show them.
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