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We've confirmed this on this list or the mac envisionaries list that just eh 
adapter alone doesn't work for the latest minis. There has to be a monitor 
hooked to it.  TO confirm this here I used a mini dvi to vga adapter on the 
mini but no monitor plugged into the adapter.  When inserting a video DVD in 
the mini I get the message no monitor detected.  However when I attach the 
monitor to the adapter I then can play the DVD just fine. 

Also I was told that the mini dvi to video adapter no longer works on newest 
minies either due to the analog lines being removed from the mini dvi port on 
the minis.  I'm certainly no expert on the mini as I've only  had it for a 
short time but this is what I know for sure.



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  you don't need a monitor, just a display to vga adapter you can get in the 
apple store.


  On 9 Jan 2010, at 13:50, Josh wrote:


    Rick told me the dvi to video adapter no longer works on the newer mac 
minis, well it works but he said I need a monitor anyway for the newest latest 
mac minis because voiceover will be slow or sluggish?

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