[macvoiceover] individual files can be recoered from Time machine backups

  • From: Ray Foret Jr <rforetjr@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 10:26:35 -0500

Just thought I'd post this, as I thought perhaps it might be useful to know.

If memory serves, someone here was asking about recovery of individual folders 
or files from Time machine backups.  This person, if I recall correctly, did 
not want to restore their entire system back to any particular time, but 
rather, just wanted to retrieve certain files and or folders.  Some of us were 
speculating this could be done; while, others, were doubtful.  Well, Now, I'm 
here to tell you that, in fact, yes, it can be done.

Just the other night, I did a full Time Machine backup to October 4th; but 
then, I realized that I had files which I had created for more recent backups 
but which I wanted back.  Of course, when I did the Time machine restoration, 
those files got erased from my main hard drive.  I manually went in to my Time 
Machine disk and selected a more recent backup and opened it.  There, I saw an 
image of the drive exactly as it had recently ben.  From that point, I was able 
to navigate to the files I wanted, and then, cut and paste them in to the 
places I needed them to be.

When I went to open the files, I found I could in fact do so.  Just for the 
sake of being doubly sure, I disconnected my Time Machine backup disk from my 
Mac and tried again.  sure enough, there were the files I retrieved; and, I 
could in fact open and manipulate them.

Just thought I'd let y'all know.

The Constantly Barefooted Ray!!!

A Very Proud and Happy Mac User!!!

rforetjr at comcast dot net
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