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  • Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2008 09:45:33 -0700

How much of a difference in speed is there between using bootcamp and fusion?  
Also, with Fusion, if you have an application running, say on the mac side, do 
you need to close out of that application if you need to get to Windows?  Or 
can it just sort of get placed on "hold" while you switch over to Windows, and 
then when you return to mac its still there as you left it?


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  You should use Fusion instead of Parallels. You can use your scanning 
software and the other application in either Boot Camp or Fusion. You will have 
to use a screen reader when using Windows either way. You will get allot of 
feed back from this list on this topic and you should remember that Windows is 
Windows is Windows. My meaning is that the same viruses, crashes and software 
works just like on Windows no matter if you use Fusion or Boot Camp. Anti Virus 
and firewall protection is also required. One of the best features of Fusion is 
that if you get a infected machine, you can erase it and create another. I have 
a total of four that I use along with a Boot Camp version for speed.

  On Apr 12, 2008, at 12:17 PM, Sarah Clark wrote:

    Hi All,

    I just joined this list. I have always been a Windows user, but I will be 
getting a new laptop soon and am considering getting a mac.  The accessibility 
of the mac with Voice Over sounds great and I'm sure I would enjoy it once I'd 
get used to the difference in its functionality as compared to Jaws and 
Windows.  But there are still a couple of Windows based programs that I'd 
really miss if I had a mac, so I have some questions as to the usability of 
Windows on a mac. 
    I know that you can get a mac with either the bootcamp or parallel set up.  
I was told that both will allow you to also run Windows on the mac machine, but 
with bootcamp you must turn the machine off and then boot it back up into 
Windows, whereas with parallel you can switch over to Windows without actually 
needing to turn the machine off. 
    I am trying to find out if you can use Kurzweil on the Windows side, and if 
so, if it matters if you have the bootcamp or parallel setup.  The other 
program I would like to be able to use is Abbyy Find Reader, so if anyone has 
experience with that program, the same question goes.
    Also, does Voice Over work while you are using Windows?  If not, can you 
have Jaws on it for Windows?

    These are the main considerations I have.  If I would have the ability to 
use Kurzweil and Abbyy Find Reader on the laptop, I would not hesitate in 
getting a mac.


    Sarah Clark

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