[macvoiceover] Re: The Voiceover community in Italy.

  • From: rossy <rossy.kk@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 13:17:14 +0100

thank you keith for  your kind words. and for all your help .
all i did is  forward to the  the italian comunities your experiences.
i have to say that if italian folks use mac with voiceover it is due to this 
wonderfull list. we all  started up with your guides on 
www.icanworkthisthing.com and some of us read the list even if we do not 
as you already said we have created some scripts which we would like to share 
with all of you guys.

the autor of all the scripts is giacy, and you can find his contacts on our  
english page .
he is not a blind person but he  helped us a lot to put on our site and begin 
with our mac in italian.

now there is a beautifull community in italy , with it's own web site and 
mailing list , but we would like to cooperate with all of you guys. .
we are nearly 50 swichers and nearly all of us bought mac in the last 4 months 
there fore we need to learn a lot more.
we hope this list remains the place where we can meet and from where we can 
develop useful info for all tha international community.
from this link you can already down load our move files script and here is the 
description of what it does :
this simple script allows you to implement the ever missing function   of cut 
and paste in the finder menu. 
move files  script also supports the function to move multi files  or folders 
on your mac os x.
now you can say that your mac has all it needs to be perfect!

how does it work ?

all you need to do is to select the files and folders that you wish to move and 
use the keyboard shortcut : comand shift x ,  (recommended).  This will bring 
up a system dialog box from which you have to choose the files and folders 
Once you choose the destination it is sufficient   to press the choose button 
and wait to see the impossible happen.

if you have files with the same name , the script does not copy these .  files 
, it gives you a cancel dialog box , but  copies the rest of the chosen files.

if you need we can  publish the description of the script on 
icanworkthisthing.com,  but the download link brings you to our english page 
where you can find the latest version of the script.  we have to implement a 
replace existing files function yet.  .the folder contains 1 workflow and an 
istruction file .
be aware that this script uses the system keyboard shortcut and not the vo  
utility commander.
any feed back is welcome.
soon on our page you will  find other scripts we created  and please tell us if 
it could be of your interest that we translate them in english.
all our work is free of charge and we would like to cooperate with you 
therefore please send your suggestions  and let us know if you are interested  
for the other scripts.
link to the english page :

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