[macvoiceover] Re: Strange voice over behaviour... + Mobileme

  • From: Chris McCausland <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 22 Mar 2010 11:07:07 +0000

Hi Russell.

The problem with Mobileme is that it doesn't support third party private email 
accounts.  It is designed to work only with its own mail service which nowadays 
is whoever@xxxxxxx

There is a workaround to this that I have come up with however... Basically you 
need to first of all log on to the administrator account for your private email 
account.  For me this was with Network Solutions but whoever you are using will 
most probably have a website where you can log on and change account settings.

You need to forward your email to your Mobileme account.  There should be an 
option there to forward mail and you simply put your new @me.com address in the 

This will automatically pass on every email you receive to your personal email 
address to your new Mobileme one.

Now in Mail you need to manually set up your mail account to retrieve mail from 
Mobile me, but send mail from your private mail SMTP server.  This is just a 
bit of half and half as you want to make the most of the benefits that mobileme 
offers for pushing your mail and syncing your mailboxes, but you still want to 
send mails from your personal address.

Account settings are:

Account type: IMAP.

Email address: put your personal one here not your @me.com one.

Incoming server: mail.me.com

Enter your Mobileme username and password.

Now enter the outgoing mail server for your personal email.

The way that mail works is that it will set up this account with the same 
Mobileme username and password for both incoming and outgoing servers so after 
the account has been created you will need to go into your Mail preferences and 
click on accounts and then find the area to change the specific username and 
password for your personal SMTP outgoing server.

All this should work now and Mail should receive your personal email and send 
from your private address whilst syncing across all your machines so long as 
you manually set up the accounts on each machine separately.

The one final thing is that on the IPhone you simply click on Mobile me when 
setting up your email and it does it all for you.  If you send emails often 
from your IPhone and you don't want them to be sent from the @me.com address 
then you will have to set up another separate account that contains your 
personal outgoing mail server details.  You don't need to have this account 
online and checking for mail or anything, just when you are sending an email 
you can double tap the from field and at the bottom of the screen it will give 
you the option to flip over to your personal email address.

All of this may seem fairly long winded if you are not familiar with setting up 
email accounts but once its done its done and yes this is something that Apple 
really should include as a feature but they don't and personally I find the 
benefits to be huge.  I don't have to worry about keeping my IPhone email 
organised because it simply follows my Mac message for message, and all of this 
wirelessly in realtime without having to ever connect it with a cable.

Good luck!

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