[macvoiceover] Re: Sound editor where i hear what i do

  • From: Krister Ekstrom <krister@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: macvoiceover@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 9 Feb 2009 11:37:32 +0100

8 feb 2009 kl. 21.29 skrev Jacob Schmude:

So what you'd like is the ability to scrub through audio files without the play position moving when you stop, am I on the right track? Soundstudio might be your best bet then, though it doesn't do exactly that you can place markers right at the play point and scrub through while playing, as well as fine-tuning the marker's location.

Not quite certain of what you mean with "without the play position moving" but yes, that's what i mean. My reference program for this on the Mac side is an old rpogram from Digidesign called Sound designer which was very popular around the outspoken days. For those familiar with Windows Goldwave in their later incarnations and Sound forge spring to mind as examples of what i mean, so i guess i'll have to take a serious look at Sound studio. Has anyone made a podcast or guide or such for Sound studio for the blind? i never really got the hang of Sound studio when i looked at it on the borrowed Mac Mini.
Thanks for all the suggestions.

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